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The formative years...

Indiana Evans, born 27th July, 1990, joins Home & Away as Matilda Hunter - a little girl who will stir up trouble along with her twin brother in Summer Bay.

Indiana has had an interest in performing since the age of 5, when she would perform for family and friends. At age 7, Indiana's parents enrolled her into dance lessons which started with Ballet and then evolved to Jazz and Tap.

She landed her first TV commercial at age 11 - she played the lead role in an Asguard commercial. At this time Indiana had taken up drum lessons and bought her own drum kit with her first earnings from the commercial.

From there she won a guest role (as Milly Roberts) on All Saints. She was then cast for the principal role in an American Campaign for 'Kool Aid', which required an American accent. Indiana also appeared in Comedy Inc.

More recently Indiana landed the role of Abbie Oakley in the television series Snobs. At this time she had just started her first year in high school but could only attend for 2 weeks as she would be shooting for most of that year. The role of Abbie also required Indiana to learn horse riding and surfing.

In the last couple of weeks on set with Snobs she was asked to audition for the role of Matilda Hunter on Home and Away.

"Matilda may be seen as bratty but her nature isn't necessarily mean, she is just upset about coming to Summer Bay and the fact that her mother has found another man to share her life with," says Indiana. "It has only been a year since her dad died and she is angry and I suppose she is taking it out on everyone."

When her agent broke the news over the phone that she won the role of Matilda Indiana was in shock. At first she didn't say a word and then had to call back after she'd run around her home screaming.

"I have watched Home and Away so joining the cast was weird because I had been watching them. The show is so fast paced and was overwhelming but at the same time is quite laid back," she says.

Apart from singing, dancing and acting Indiana enjoys drawing, catching up with friends and shopping.

Her favorite singers are Beyonce and Delta Goodrem and her favourite actors range from Cameron Diaz to Cate Blanchett.

Indiana Evans
"I'm 16 and work with some of the most beautiful women in Australia, so self-esteem is definitely something I've struggled with! I think every girl does. Positive thinking and talking to other people helps - my mum, sister, dad and the girls on the show are great. You should love yourself. I don't think loving yourself is a bad thing - it's a really good thing! And not resenting others for having things that you may not have, because you have things they don't - and reminding yourself how lucky you are. Focusing on the positives is a cliche, but it works!"

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